Recently added: Tandoori (坦都里)

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Recently added: Tandoori (坦都里)

Address : No. 154 Lane 184, Beixin Road., Tamsui District, New Taipei City, 25148
Phone : 0953 215 157
Facebook : here

Comment from tripadvisor:
"Heard Tandoor for a long time, but never had a chance to give it a try! By the chance of farewell dinner, we decided to have dinner in Tandoor. The restaurant is located in a small alley near by MRT. We ordered some dishes, including the Tandoor chicken, Malasa Dai Tachka ( Sort bean curry), Palak curry ( Spanish curry). Those dishes are great and supper matched with their nan. We cannot stop eating until the last drop!
Overall, I think it’s the great place to go if you are looking for decent Indian cuisine. The atmosphere is good with lots of friends. Service is good and suggest the proper portion of foods. I will definitely visit here again!"

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