Yunlin and Chiayi - One Day Tour Recommendation

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Yunlin and Chiayi - One Day Tour Recommendation

High-Heel wedding church

Behind this giant elegant high heel has a story. The Blackfoot-Disease was once a widespread epidemic disease in Southwest Coast region of Taiwan. Many ladies tried to survive and had to accept the fate of amputation. Thus many girls had lost their dream of walking on a red wedding carpet with elegant high heels. This fancy high heels church not only to commemorate this unforgotten history but also pursuit the ideal of happiness.

Kouhu visitor center

The Kouhu Visitor Center is one of the intermediary points in the Kouhu Wetland ecosystem park area. The scenic walkway on the green rooftop is the concept of the earth extending out, visitors can directly step on the wooden walkway to ascend to the green rooftop scenic walkway, resting up there while looking out at the sights of the wetlands. Here even provides free bikes for rent.

Bicycle riding

This 24km long bikeway around Kouhu visitor center passes by many interesting spots and beautiful viewpoints, such as harbor, fish market, sea wall, beachside recreation area, mangrove forest, subsidence area, Yiwu bird habitat, Yiwu farm, and wetland. There are many stops for bikers to rest and to enjoy birdwatching.

The village and community stall

Yunlin county produces may high-value food materials, such as mullet roe, eel, oyster and Taiwan Tilapia, black garlic, etc. All those delicious and precious food can be easily found in the village and community stall which is located inside the Kouhu visitor center.

First Man Power Workshop


Yunlin is the hometown of Taiwanese eels. For the long term, Yunlin has exported eels to the Japanese market and earned a high reputation for its quality. In First manpower workshop, you will be able to see the eel tanks and learn more about this precious fish. On the other hand, the workshop provides eel triangle rice ball DIY for entertainment.

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