Tainan - One Day Tour Recommendation

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Tainan -  One Day Tour Recommendation

Taiwan salt museum


The museum has a highly realistic salt field display area that portrays how the salt workers worked and lived in olden days and has a large number of old cultural relics relating to the salt industry. Salt is no longer dried in the salt fields of Tainan, but the museum reminds people how the industry once prospered. The shop area has many cultural and creative products with a salt industry connection that make fine souvenirs or gifts. The most popular one is the salt ice Popsicle which is both salty and sweet and very cooling.


Beimen island restaurant

The original site of Beimenyu Restaurant used to be the local health center. The architecture's wooden structures comprising Taiwanese cypress and fir were kept and remodified as a scenic restaurant that features decorative traditional wine urns around the reservoir at the back of the restaurant. An intriguing fusion of the old and the new is presented to welcome visitors in Beimen.

Beimen visitor center

It gives an introduction of scenic spots in each geographic area in the north-south direction, an overview of tourism resources under categories such as ”History of salt-making industry”, ”Wetland ecosystem”, ”Religion and culture”, ”Local industries” and “Literature and Arts”, as well as an interactive multimedia section that is definitely worth visiting.

Tainan jingzaijiao tile-paved salt fields

The Jingzaijiao Tile-paved Salt Fields boasts the first salt field in Tainan's Beimen area, and they are also the oldest relics of tile-paved salt fields that still exist in Taiwan. At Jingzaijiao, tourists can make their own solar salt using the ancient method, carrying salt with a shoulder pole and harvesting the salt. A tour guide service is available throughout the family-friendly salt-making trip.

Crystal church

Crystal Church combines the shape of salt mountains and the color of salt crystal as its design idea. It adopts the image of salt mountains which is heaps of salts connected with small heaps to form different shapes, taking white of the salts as the main color tone and crystal-clear color of salt crystals as its idea generation and combining church ideas once consoling numerous patients with blackfoot disease (gangrene) that earned the church its current name. Crystal Church which was open in 2014 is one attractive spot for couples to take wedding pictures. This church gives tourists access to a broader and boundless view, and it overlooks Xishan (Xi Mountain), Kau-un-Khun and Bromine-Making Tower from the south side. Tourists can drive westbound toward Jing-Zai-Jiao Salt Fields.

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