The Halal Guide to Explore Taiwan’s Must-Visit Attractions in one week

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The Halal Guide to Explore Taiwan’s Must-Visit Attractions in one week

Taiwan is the hidden gem that should be on everyone’s travel list. With dramatic landscapes, coastlines and flashing city life. Loaded up with endless bucket list sites, mouth-watering delicacies, and friendly locals.

As a Muslim Traveler, the things that remain as our concern are always the Halal food and convenient accommodations. However, Taiwan has proven its aim at the Muslim Market.  According to MasterCard’s 2018 Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI), Taiwan has been ranked as the fifth-most popular non-Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) destination in the global Muslim Travel market. This 7-day itinerary will guide you on what to see, where to stay and what to explore in Taiwan.

Day 1 - Immerse yourself in Bustling City, Taipei!

There is no wonder Taipei is labeled as the most tourist-friendly city in Asia. With warm and amiable locals, wifi access throughout the city, free bike rentals by U-bike, pedestrian-friendly lanes, easy local transportation, and a convenience store in every corner, Taipei is the perfect destination for any traveler.

Upon arrival, the driver has already wait for you to drop you to the hotel. have some rest and relax. And be prepared for the bustling city, Taipei.

  • Taipei Grand Mosque

As a Muslim, it’s such mandatory to list the local mosque as our main destination. Taipei Grand Mosque is a must-visit once you hit Taipei. Located in the Da’an District, The Taipei Grand Mosque is the largest and most famous mosque in Taiwan.
It was designed by architect Yang Cho-cheng, the same architect that design the Taipei Grand Hotel, Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, National Theater and Concert Hall and many other landmark buildings in Taiwan.[2]

  • Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall

Get cultured yourself in the most prominent historical landmark in Taiwan. It would be a mistake not to visit Taipei iconic landmark once you arrive in Taipei.

  • Ximending Shopping Area

As a Taipei’s highlight, usually called The “Harajuku” of Taipei. Ximending is one of a spot you can’t miss. This pedestrian shopping heaven is one of the city’s iconic place. As it offers you fashion clothing shops and several eateries to experience.

Day 2 - Get Lost in Taroko

Get away from the bustling city and brace yourself for the grand scenery. Though it takes almost one-day to travel from Taipei to Taroko, yet it is worth the time spent. Make sure your full day trip to Taroko must include Malongayangay, Taroko Gorge Swallow Hole and Shakadang Trail.

  • Taroko National Park

A canyon with extraordinary lush landscape, waterfalls, emerald rivers, eternal springs, suspension bridges, and hidden caves that will leave you speechless. Don’t miss the highlight, Qinshui Cliff, where you’ll discover the rough edge of the island flawlessly converged with baby blue shades of the Pacific Ocean.
To help you arrange your comfortable and halal trip, We’ve listed some Halal certified and Muslim-friendly hotel you can refer on your visit. Find your own accommodations preference here.

Day 3 - Get to Know Taiwan’s iconic spot in Neighbouring City

Start your day with the journey to the world’s most unique geological formations, Yehliu Geological Park. As one of Taiwan’s most famous natural wonders, it is located along a 1.7 km long cape near the small town Wanli. Be a witness of the rocks that have been gradually eroded over time by wind, waves, and the sea to form a fascinating and unexpectedly beautiful landscape. And make sure you snap a picture with the infamous Queens Head.

Next, have a visit to the Shifen which take 1 hour by car. The Shifen area you must visit is including the waterfall, old street, and traditional sky lantern.

As the broadest waterfall in Taiwan, The 40 metres tall Shifen Waterfall is a scenic waterfall located in Pingxi District, New Taipei City, Taiwan, on the upper reaches of the Keelung River.

Located in the Pingxi area, Shifen Old Streets is a collection of lanes and alleys in and around the Shifen railway station area. Originally built for transporting coal during the Japanese era, the station and tracks run straight through the village.

With the marketplace surrounding the train station, the marketplace area of Shifen is a great place to grab some snacks and some souvenirs. There are some Muslim-friendly snacks you can try such as stinky tofu, mochi, ice-cream, and peanut wrap.

Day 4 - One-Day Trip to Taichung

Taichung is located in the center in Taiwan. There’s a lot of things to do in Taichung, Zhong She flower market, Gaomei Wetland, Sun Moon Lake, Qin Jing Farm, Earthquake Museum. For Night Market experience, you can visit Feng Jia Night Market, Tunghai Night Market and many more. And before you leave this city, secure your time to visit the infamous 18 Degree Chocolate Factory.

  • Zhong She Flower Market

Start your colorful day to explore Zhong She Flower Market, as it is known as one of the most incredible flower fields in Taiwan. Make sure your camera is ready to take the picturesque view in every corner. 

Located in Houli, Taichung, Zhong She FLower Market are estimated 6 hectares large and feature a myriad of blooms throughout all seasons.

  • Taichung Mosque

As a Muslim, obviously, we include Taichung Mosque as one of our main destinations. Completed in 1990, Taichung Mosque is the bastion of Muslim faith in Central Taiwan.

  • Gaomei Wetland

Gaomei Wetland located on the south of the mouth of Dajia River is a land mixed with both sand and soil textures and comes in 1,500 acres. That explains why it has complicated yet rich wetland ecology and possesses the largest group of Bolboschoenus planieulmis in Taiwan. Due to diverse geographical features, the species of its ecology is quite abundant. Every year around fall and winter, large flocks of migrating birds would come here for either short or long stay over the winter, serving as the best spot for bird-watching.[3]

  • 18 Degree Chocolate Factory

Before you leave the city, secure your time to visit the infamous 18 Degree Chocolate Factory. Have a taste of 100% handmade chocolate with imported ingredients and no artificial flavorings.

It was named 18 degree celcius, since the owner believed that chocolates are at its best condition when it stored at 18 degree celcius.

Day 5 - Start your Journey to Nantou

Who doesn’t include the world-famous Sun Moon Lake as they step into Taiwan? As one of the country’s premier tourist destinations, Sun Moon Lake is Taiwan’s most picturesque, romantic lake, and is located in the center of the island among mountains.

Obviously, the best way to experience the lake’s beauty is to see it up close on a boat. Sunrise and sunsets on the lake are especially brilliant, and a veil of fog hovering on the surface is a common sight at dawn.

With one visit, you’ll understand why -- the natural beauty and charming ambiance of the lake and its environs have been drawing visitors throughout history.

Located next to Sun Moon Lake near Puli in Nantou County, the Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village is an amusement park connected to and accessed by the Sun Moon Lake Ropeway. The entrance fee range from 420 NTD to 850 NTD depend on the qualifications. You can get a cheaper price if you’re in a group, Click here for further details.

The best way to reach Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village is to take the gondola cable car service from Sun Moon Lake. The park is home to Taiwan's first suspended roller coaster and tallest free-fall ride. As of 2019, the park has also launched a new water attraction section called "Spanish Coast”.

There are two options for the trip to Nantou, whether you’ll have a one-day tour or stay-in Nantou to experience a fully-completed attraction. If you’re planning to stay in, don’t worry about the accommodations convenience. Nantou has offered several Halal Certified and Muslim Friendly Accommodations to stay. Click here for further details.

Day 6 - Leofoo Theme Park

Forget about sightseeing for a day -- enter this park, and you’ll be amazed at just how much awesome can be packed in Leofoo theme park.

Covering more than 100 hectares, Leofoo Village is the most diverse of all theme parks in Taiwan. Combining a multi-themed amusement park with 60+ rides and facilities, a waterpark, a safari area, and a safari-themed hotel.

Leofoo also offers the halal restaurant for Muslim visitors, Aladdin Restaurant. As it portrays a sense of noble Arabian dining. where visitors can sit back, relax and enjoy the meals.

Close your day 6th trip to one the tallest building in the world. Taipei 101 is an engineering marvel and the first building of its kind in the world.

Spanning 101 stories above the ground at 508 metres, the building was designed as a symbol of technology's evolution fused with Asian tradition. The building features many pan-Chinese and Asian elements mixed with a postmodern style and is designed to withstand typhoons and earthquakes common in Taiwan.

Besides the tower, you can also enjoy a multi-level shopping mall, food court, various restaurants and stores (including the infamous Din Tai Fung), and international grocery stores.

Day 7 - Free and Easy Day for the Last Day

It’s a wrap, now time to leave Taiwan. End your day in taiwan with free and easy tour. If you are prone to sightseeing the city you can have a ride Taipei Hop on Hop Off bus. If you want to have more shopping experience in Taipei, there are plenty shopping area you can visit such as Wufenpu Shopping District, Jianguo Weekend jade and Flower Market, Taipei City Mall. And don’t forget to take note for your departure time. :)

7D6N Taiwan Halal Itinerary at a glance


If you are interested with the itinerary, you can download the itinerary for further details.






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