5 Things You Need to know for Muslim Traveling in Taiwan

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5 Things You Need to know for Muslim Traveling in Taiwan

Foreign tourists coming to Taiwan began to increase in the recent years. Throughout 2017, local government recorded 3 million foreign tourists visited that island in the southeast China. Foreign tourists come from various countries including Indonesia which is the Muslim-majority country since Taiwan government launched a Muslim-friendly tour. These 6 followings you need to concern at least:

1. Halal Certified Restaurant
In Taiwan, it is a culture to cook with oil contained pork as to make the food delicious. But now Muslim tourists no need to worry as there are at least 324 restaurants have been certified halal and serve friendly food. All the restaurants will display certification sign from the Chinese Muslim Association. "It's usually at the entrance," Majid said.

2. Ask The Food Vendor in the Night Market
Taiwan people liked to hold the night market. Almost in every town, every night people staged merchandise and presented traditional performances. There are also culinary sites along the way. If Muslim tourists want to try the traditional food there, they must first ask the sellers. Although they sell seafood, they used to cook with pork oil commonly.

3. Being Vegetarian
Halal certified food in Taiwan is quite expensive. The budget for a single meal ranges from 5 USD. Moreover, halal food generally available in large restaurants. To save money and get a halal meal, you may try become vegetarian for a moment. Throughout Taipei City, there are vegan food vendors at a low price.

4. Special Toilet
The dry toilets is commonly a major problem encountered by Muslim tourists when they first came to Taiwan. But lately, the government has built a special toilet equipped with the sprayer. This toilet can be found in the visitor center. Across the island, there are 37 visitor centers. Visitor center usually can be found near tourism site, especially in Taipei.

5. Choose Hotels with Muslim Friendly Facilities
A number of hotels with Muslim-friendly facilities can be found in three cities, Taipei, New Taipei City, and Keelung City at least. The hotels usually provide Musala facilities, ablutions, and toilets with water sprayers. However, Muslim-friendly hotels are generally not the budget hotels which is the four or five stars hotel. The price is around Rp1 million per night. Tourists need to plan more budget for a stay at a Muslim friendly hotel.

6. Taiwan Halal Web and App
For further information about Halal tours, travelers can download Taiwan Halal application. The application contains a variety of information about halal culinary, Muslim friendly hotel, mosque and prayer room points, and shopping centers that provide halal snacks. This applications can be downloaded for free via PlayStore or accessed throuh http://taiwanhalal.com.

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