How to Rent a Car in Taiwan?

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How to Rent a Car in Taiwan?

Taiwan has a good public transport which can reduce the need for self-drive, but if we just want to amble along at our own pace or just stop where we want, self-drive really is the best choice. The quality of the roads in Taiwan is generally very good. Even on rural or mountainous roads, we generally don’t need to drive in peril of finding unexpected potholes.

Why we need for self-drive?

Many tourists seem to be discouraged from Car Rental maybe due to the perceived standard of driving. Do not worry and just observe how the locals driving and then drive like them. Self-drive will keep our budget if we are travelling together.

How to drive in Taiwan?

Driving here was super easy and handy! People are well mannered in traffic and the roads are good. In the cities there are a lot of motorcycles, but they all follow the rules! In Taiwan the road signs have a western translation on it so we can easily see where to go

Taiwan has 2 major highways, numbers 1 and 3, that run north to south from Taipei to Kaohsiung. Other highways include Highway 2 which connects Taiwan Taoyuan Airport (TPE) to Highways 1 and 3, Highway 5 which runs from Taipei to the southern point of Yilan, which connects along to Hualien and Taroko Gorge, Highway 6 connects Taichung to Nantou and Qingjing Farm, and other highways serve as connectors to different cities, all branching off Highways 1 and 3. Taiwan is the first country to switch from manual tolling to all electronic toll on all of its freeways. The costs are based on the distance travelled daily, the first 20 kilometres travelled each day are free..

Parking is easy if we can find a space. Parking on the road in a marked space after a while will make us get a ticket on the windscreen (we can take it to any convenience store within a few days to settle the bill). There are many free parkings in touristy spots and hourly fee parkings are not too much expensive in a city like Taipei and Taichung.

Once we are in a smaller town or in the mountains, navigation can be hard. Note that Google Maps does not support offline maps in Taiwan, so we need a data connection. Prepare a Chunghua SIM card in the phone so data connectivity will be good enough to support Google Maps all around the island.

For traffic rules, please visit: Road Traffic Safety Portal Site

What we need to rent a car?

Basically all that was needed for the rental was our passport, an International Drivers Permit and a credit card. But finding a nice rental car for a somewhat cheaper price was quite hard. Taiwan Halal provides car rental with a driver included, start from 135 USD only. You can choose minibus for 19 passengers, van for 9 passengers and sedan for 4 passengers. Contact us here for more details! 

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