New Year's Holiday Event You Can Attend in Taiwan, Bookmark Your Calendar!

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New Year's Holiday Event You Can Attend in Taiwan, Bookmark Your Calendar!

Do you want to spend your new year holiday in Taiwan, but still confused what you will do there? You can choose some of these events as one of your activities during your amazing vacation in Taiwan for this holiday.

1. Taiwan Cycling Festival

2017/06/01 - 2017/12/31

Taiwan has an excellent highway system plus a superior topography with magnificent scenery along the route. You will have an amazing cycling tour around the island with enjoyable itinerary. The series of activities of the “Taiwan Cycling Festival” focus on bicycle touring and pulls together the tourist and transportation resources of the various county seats to present the specifics of a diverse and local touring culture.

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2. New Year’s Eve Celebration

new year

2017/12/31 - 2018/01/01

The celebration will be different from another countries. At Taipei’s 101 building, the countdown become the biggest New Year’s Eve countdown clock in the world. When the countdown enters the final stage, the building lights up floor by floor. After the countdown is over, fireworks are immediately set off, a group of stars shining-up to accompany a variety of activities and special ceremonies. Taipei New Year’s Eve celebration will be the best new year's eve you ever have!

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3. Chiayi city lnternational Band Festival


2017/12/22 - 2018/01/01

Chiayi City with its band festival is the longest surviving activity in the Formosa Arts Festivals. Over the years, the festival has invited performing teams from around the world, including the United States, Canada, Germany, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong, Russia, Kazakhstan, South Korea, China, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and other countries to attend in the events. The Festival that can be blended into people’s life, making Chiayi City a "Cultural City, the Capital of Band Music". So gorgeus!

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4. Biennial Butterfly Beauty Festival


2017/11/11 - 2018/03/31

It is a magnificent yearly event that goes from December to March of the following year taking place in the Maolin National Scenic Area. During this period millions of migrating Euploea butterflies cross the ocean and arrive here to winter over. It is has one of the only two winter migratory butterfly gorges in the world. The purple Euploea is a rare wintering butterfly. Each winter millions of these butterflies gather together for the flight to the Dawushan Foothills to avoid the cold and to winter in the gorges.

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Have a great holiday and happy new year!

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