Who is a good Muslim

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Interesting Points:

(video time 13:55)    what if I did nothing wrong?

(video time 15:38)    we should be the last people to even think about damaging the ecosystem & environment

(video time 18:30)    why must I do it if I am just showing people?

(video time 23:55)    every good deed is a goal, every bad deed is an own goal

(video time 27:35)    a literal orphan whose parent are alive

(video time 42:25)    when a person is in love with your heart and your character and conduct and your closeness to almighty, their love will only increase as the day pass

(video time 48:50)    lead your live as though you're a traveler

(video time 53:30)    do not wrong fellow human being, make sure that you fulfill their rights

(video time 55:50)    Allah loves You, He wants to forgive You, He's looking for any excuse to forgive You, He wants to give You paradise, He's looking for any excuse to give You paradise, Give Him that excuse

(video time 58:05)    life is not all about entertainment and enjoying yourself beyond limit, NO, it's limited. You should know how to enjoy yourselves, You should know what it's that will help You in this world lead a peaceful life

(video time 1:02:50)    Ya Allah help me to become better today than I was yesterday, and help me to be better tomorrow than I am today

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He will not enter Paradise whose neighbour is not secure from his wrongful conduct (hadith 15 - Sahih Muslim)

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