Gaomei Wetlands

Additional Information:
Gaomei was called Gaomi in the Qing Dynasty and was renamed during the Japanese occupation. The wetlands here are over 300 hectares, but the area is only 1/10 of Dadu River wetlands. The geography is divided into 7 categories, which results in diversified organisms in this area. Gaomei Wetlands is one of the few places that have wild ducks.
Despite the small area, Gaomei Wetlands have special soils mixed with mud and sand. Ecology here breeds diversified organisms of both plants and animals. Research shows that animals here include birds, fishes, crabs and invertebrates.
By Car:
National Highway 3 → Exit at the Taichung Port (Zhonggang) Interchange → Freeway 4 → Qingshui End Interchange → Prov. Hwy 17 → Gaomei Rd.
Take Train to Qingshui Railway Station, then take Jeya Bus to Gaomei and get off at the last stop, and walk 5 minutes to there.

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