Xinbeitou Hot Springs

Additional Information:
Broadly speaking, the Beitou hot springs region refers to an area covering the Hell Valley, Longfeng, Fenghuang, Hushan Village and Xingyi Road. In a narrow sense, the region mainly refers to an area consisting of Zhongshan Road, Guangming Road, Xinmin Road and Quanyuan Road surrounding the Beitou Hot Springs Waterside Park. The hot springs hotels in this area are larger both in scale and number, and the natural and humanities resources are also the most plentiful here.
National Highway 1 → Exit at Taipei Interchange → Sec. 4, Chongqing N. Rd. → Bailing Bridge → Sec. 5 to 7, Chengde Rd. → Daye Rd. → Guangming Rd. → Zhongshan Rd.,
Take the THSR or TRA to Taipei Station, transfer Taipei MRT to Xinbeitou Station.

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The Gaia Hotel
National Palace Museum Taipei Prayer room
Silks Palace at the National Palace Museum
Casablanca (Dehli Express)
Grand Hotel (5 Star) - Prestige Lounge
Masala Art

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