Taiwan Shoufu University Prayer Room

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Mushola Ash-Shaffat

Basement Male Student Dormitory, Near 7-11.

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2018-06-21 13:48:23

Assalamu alaikum I am Shafeeq from India. I am an electrical engineer. Recently I received an job offer from Delta Electronics, Taiwan. The work location is Shanhua,Tainan While checking for Mosque/Prayer room, I noticed Taiwan Shoufu University prayer room is 12km away from my office. Whether Friday Jumua is conducted here ? Whether this prayer room can be utilised by a person like me who is not working or studying at university ? How can I travel from Shanhua office to university prayer room ? Your guidance will be very helpful to me.. Regards Shafeeq Mobile and What's app +91 7200742735 shafeeq42@gmail.com


2018-06-21 14:19:01

My mobile & What's app no is +91 7200742635

Faisal Fahmi

2018-06-22 05:00:54

I think in this place not conducted a jumuah prayer. You should go to as-salam mosque. https://taiwanhalal.com/mosque/153/masjid-as-salam-tainan.html


2018-06-24 15:54:51

Jazak Allah khair brother.. One of the employee from Delta Electronics company shared me that NCKU MSA Prayer room is easy to reach from the company. Did they conduct Jumua prayer ?


2018-07-07 11:01:56

From near to Delta Electronic Inc office Shanhua, I plan to travel to Taiwan Shoufu University prayer room to offer Fajar and Isha prayers every day with motor bike Can public use this prayer room or only by university students & staff ? Is travelling by motor bike is feasible ? Kindly advice me..

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