Tainan Mosque 台南清真寺

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Take Bus from Tainan Train Station: Bus no 7660 (21 minutes), Bus no 7661 (21 minutes), & Bus no 9020 (21 minutes).

Before the establishment of the Tainan Mosque, local Muslims had to travel to Kaohsiung to attend mosque activities. A local Muslim living in the U.S. donated land for the construction of the mosque, and asked the Kaohsiung Mosque to collect donations for costs. Completed in 1996, the four‐story building holds a shop, meeting room, men and women's wash rooms, prayer hall, and office, allowing more convenient worship for Muslims in the nearby Chiayi and Tainan cities and counties.

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Putri Wita Putriwita

2016-07-04 10:01:11

Assalamualaikum wr wb.aku mau tanya klu sholat idulfitri tempat di mana,mks

Faisal Fahmi

2016-07-04 23:21:35

Wa'alaikumsalam wr. wb. Untuk warga indonesia di Tainan ada dua tempat, di masjid Assalam mulai jam 8, dan di taman Tainan juga mulai jam 8. terimakasih.

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