Masjid Annur Tongkang 東港清真寺

Additional Information:

It originally started inside a rented house at 34-1 Fengyu Street (豐漁街) in Donggang Township, in which most of the worshipers are Indonesian fishermen from the area. After enough fund was collected, worshipers had an idea to purchase the rented house and convert it into a mosque. Due to the reluctance off the house owner from selling it, worshipers had to look around for a new house. They finally found a house nearby from the first house at Xingyu Street, which is still located within the same township, and purchased it for an amount of NT$5.4 million. It was then renovated for a cost of NT$1 million with the addition of wudu area and some air conditioning systems. It was eventually turned into the mosque. This mosque could accommodate 120 worshipers.

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