Dingxian101 頂鮮101美食美景餐廳

Additional Information:

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 11:30am to 10:00pm
Reservation Line: 0800-00-8687 / +886-2-8101-8686
Fax Line: +886-2-8101-8688
Orders: Set, Vegetarian Set, Table, A la carte (10% Service charge, and extra fee for beverage and wine)
Minimum Charge for Normal Seats:
1,380 NTD + 10% service charge (lunch) / 1,980 NTD + 10% service charge (dinner)
Minimum Charge for Window Seats:
1,980 NTD + 10% service charge (lunch) / 2,380 NTD + 10% service charge (dinner)
(For Price of Special Events, please refer to restaurant announcement, or confirm with the reservation staff)
Seats: 700 seats
Private Rooms: 11 rooms

營業時間:週一至週日 11:30am~10:00pm
訂席專線:0800-00-8687 / 02-8101-8686
最低消費:午間NT$1380+10% 起 / 晚間NT$1980+10% 起
靠窗午間低消:NT$1980+10% 以上起
靠窗晚間低消:NT$2380+10% 以上起
※ 特殊節慶餐價依餐廳活動公告為準 , 請事先來電訂席確認。
席 位:700席
包 廂:11房

海鮮餐 (Seafood)

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