Yunlin and Chiayi 2D1N - Two Days One Night Tour Recommendation

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Yunlin and Chiayi 2D1N - Two Days One Night Tour Recommendation

Day 1: Back to Nature

Kouhu Visitor Center(cycling & DIY)口湖遊客中心
The Kouhu Visitor Center is one of the intermediary points in the Kouhu Wetland ecosystem park area. The scenic walkway on the green rooftop is the concept of the earth extending out, visitors can directly step on the wooden walkway to ascend to the green rooftop scenic walkway, resting up there while looking out at the sights of the wetlands.

Geloina erosa Theme Park(馬蹄蛤主題館)
Geloina erosa and grows around mangrove stands in the intertidal zone, subsisting on algae. It is large and delicious, and is served here with an emphasis on its fresh original taste little altered by seasoning. The park offers a DIY "Feel Clams and Wash Your Trousers Too" experience that requires parents and children to work together.

First Man Power workshop(第一鰻波)
Yunlin is the hometown of Taiwanese eels. For the long term, Yunlin has exported eels to the Japanese market and earned a high reputation of its quality. In First man power workshop, you will be able to see the eel tanks and learn more about this precious fish. On the other hand, the workshop provides eel triangle rice ball DIY for entertainment.

Aogu Wetland (鰲鼓溼地)
This wetland features over 200 bird species and consequently draws attention from ornithologists worldwide. Among the internationally protected species inhabiting Aogu Wetlands are the Oriental White Stork, Black Stork, Black-faced Spoonbill, Chinese Egret, Sparrow-hawk, Chinese Sparrow Hawk, Grey-faced Buzzard, Osprey, Spotted Greenshank, Painted Snipe, Little Tern, and Brown Shrike. If the season is right, it takes just a short while to spot them either perching on tree branches or cheerfully greeting visitors by the pond-side.

Huarong seafood restaurant (樺榮海鮮餐廳)
This restaurant is well-known for selling high quality and special wild seafood. The owner was once an oyster farmer and thus built good relationships with fishermen. Unlike other restaurant chefs procuring fish at Dongshih Fish Market, he obtains high-value brown croaker, red crab, and Colossal False Fusus by those fishermen friends.

Salt township B&B(鹽鄉民宿)
The B&B is located in a great spot surrounding by salt fields and lagoon. The house is decorated with fishing nets, fishing floats and drafting woods makes it with a sense of nostalgia. One of the most wonderful thing in living in B&B in Taiwan is experiencing the hospitality of the owner.


Day 2: Get your Instagram updated

Tainan Jingzaijiao tile-paved salt fields (井仔腳瓦盤鹽田)
The Jingzaijiao Tile-paved Salt Fields boasts the first salt field in Tainan's Beimen area, and they are also the oldest relics of tile-paved salt fields that still exist in Taiwan. At Jingzaijiao, tourists can make their own solar salt using the ancient method, carrying salt with a shoulder pole and harvesting the salt. A tour guide service is available throughout the family-friendly salt-making trip.

Beimen Visitor Center (北門遊客中心)
It gives an introduction of scenic spots in each geographic area in the north-south direction, an overview of tourism resources under categories such as ”History of salt-making industry”, ”Wetland ecosystem”, ”Religion and culture”, ”Local industries” and “Literature and Arts”, as well as an interactive multimedia section that is definitely worth visiting.

Crystal Church (水晶教堂)
Crystal Church combines the shape of salt mountains and the color of salt crystal as its design idea. It adopts the image of salt mountains which is heaps of salts connected with small heaps to form different shapes, taking white of the salts as the main color tone and crystal-clear color of salt crystals as its idea generation and combining church ideas once consoling numerous patients with blackfoot disease (gangrene) that earned the church its current name.

Beimen island restaurant (北門嶼輕食餐廳)
The original site of Beimenyu Restaurant used to be the local health center. The architecture's wooden structures comprising Taiwanese cypress and fir were kept and remodified as a scenic restaurant that features decorative traditional wine urns around the reservoir at the back of the restaurant. An intriguing fusion of the old and the new is presented to welcome visitors in Beimen.

High-heel Wedding church (高跟鞋教堂)
Behind this giant elegant high heel has a story. The Blackfoot-Disease was once a widespread epidemic disease in Southwest Coast region of Taiwan. Many ladies tried to survive and had to accept the fate of amputation. Thus many girls had lost their dream of walking on a red wedding carpet with elegant high heels. This fancy high heels church not only to commemorate this unforgotten history but also pursuit the ideal of happiness.

Hao Mei Li 3D Art Village (好美里3D彩繪)
Hao Mei Li village is the first village to present 3D Painting Art in Taiwan. These portraits display sea world in Haomeili Fishing village, within cultivating groupers and oysters, whales, sharks, turtles, dolphins, and clown fishes on the wall, which are vivid and simulation style, causes the tourists having an effect on each other in funny and horror.

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