One Day Halal Muslim Tour Taipei

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One Day Halal Muslim Tour Taipei

Natural Style

Yangmingshan is a most unusual gem – a national park within a city’s boundaries. Specially recommended are Zhuzihu (Bamboo Lake) and the Flower Clock. After this, plan a soothing afternoon hot-spring tour. First, stroll the park beyond MRT Xinbeitou Station, visiting Taiwan’s first green library – the Beitou Public Library – and attractive Beitou Hot Spring Museum, which explores Beitou’s unique hot-spring history. The museum is in what was Taiwan’s first public bathhouse. Further along is Geothermal Valley, where a spring forms a small lake with sulfurous mists year-round, in a highly peculiar landscape. Afterward, head to the Atami Hotel for a soothing hot-spring soak and/or fine meal.

Shopping in Taipei

Taipei Arena’s Ice Land (2F) has Taiwan’s only full-size international-standard skating rink; enjoy a novel ice-skating experience. Taiwan’s largest 3C market, Guang Hua Digital Plaza, brims with the latest consumer-electronics treasures. The range is impressive, the prices very attractive; you’re almost sure to go away with arms full. At Taipei 101, head up to the sky-high Observatory for terrific city views. The Taipei 101 tower was once the world’s tallest building, and offers vast panoramas. Afterwards, stroll or YouBike through Xinyi Commercial District, a key city symbol, window-shopping and enjoying Taipei’s dynamic street culture and streetscapes, the perfect ending to your day’s tour.

Cultural-Creative Living


YouBike to Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall for pleasant strolling, savoring the foliage-rich grounds and classical Chinese palace-style architecture. Next, meander Songshan Cultural and Creative Park and Eslite Spectrum Songyan Store. The park, originally site of a cigarette-factory complex, is today a key city cultural-creative center, showcasing cultural-creative merchandise, exhibitions, and arts. After this, browse the underground Taipei Mall, featuring endless clothing, toys, digital games, anime, etc. Finally, head to The Red House and surrounding Ximending. The Red House, a key young cultural-creative base, offers creative-designer boutiques and a popular weekend creative market. Dynamic, energetic Ximending is Taiwan’s youth-market goods emporium, with all the latest fashions and novelties.


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